Thank you,
Rich & Kathy


In East Greenwich Township, we saw an advertisement that read 'Patrick Breen Stamped Concrete'. We checked out his work, which was perfect, and my husband and I immediately agreed that we liked what we saw.

We called Patrick Breen and he installed a beautiful colored stamped concrete patio in the back of our home. Patrick takes personal pride in his work, as well as his workers.

When the patio was completed, the job was outstanding! We were thrilled with the professional way in which it was installed. Moreover upon their departure, everything was left immaculate.

Many Thanks,
Ron and Pat


Dear Pat and Heather,

We are writing to express our thanks to you for the manner in which you handled our patio and front walkway projects. From the beginning, we have been treated extraordinarily well by everyone connected with your company. Ms. Breen was always very helpful in scheduling of times for the initial visits to the beginning and completion of our work.

What started as a very crude sketch, outlined on a legal pad, was taken by Patrick and resulted in a lovely plan, which incorporated all of the elements of the design that we envisioned. He carefully listened to us, and was able to turn our thoughts into reality.

The men who assisted in the project were similarly professional and hard-working. At the end of each work day, there was substantial time put into clean-up, which made living through the project very easy for us. As the project unfolded, it was clear that something great was being created. Several neighbors just could not wait – and regularly visited to see the developments. One even got so excited that she walked through wet concrete that had just been poured! That, too, was handled very smoothly by all – her little footprints quickly were removed and work continued.

All in all, we could not be happier. We would heartily recommend your services to anyone. Several neighbors did, in fact, use your services as well, after seeing our project. There is no question that the quality of the work is superb, and the execution by all of the professionals involved top-notch.

Please feel free to share our experience with current and future customers.

Be well,
Ira and Maryann